Strengthen Your Company with the Top Talent

Your company is as strong as your team. From the highest levels of company leadership down the line, having the right people that believe in your company vision and the skills to carry it out sets great companies apart from their competition. It can be challenging to find the ideal candidate that not only has the skillset and experience you need, and at the same time, will be a good fit for your company culture. Esanda takes the time to understand the kind of people that thrive in your company and matches you with the most qualified candidates.

How We Find the Best Talent for Your Company

Hiring the right person saves time and capital. The worst scenario is hiring a new candidate and losing them a few months down the road because it was a poor match. Nothing is 100%, but there are ways to mitigate your risks when hiring a new employee. Esanda has a strong record in finding the right matches for our clients. Our process is as follows:

  • We start with an in-depth requirement analysis for company goals

  • Conduct a commercial consultation of company staffing structure

  • Design a bespoke recruitment plan

  • Carry out extensive talent searches in our robust network

  • Utilize the highest quality screening and assessment based on your recruitment plan

  • Facilitate new hire onboarding and provide ongoing post-placement support

Our Services

  • Executive Search

    An executive search is ideal when you have a very specific candidate in mind and have a good idea about what type of company you’d like them to come from. We get you a list of qualified companies to target and then provide you with a regular report based on the outcome of conversations we have. This approach gives you 360-degree insight into the marketplace surrounding the recruitment of the role you’re trying to fill – including details of every candidate we’ve approached. The next step is providing you with a shortlist of candidates to move into the interview stage.

  • Retained Search

    A retained search is similar to an Executive Search with a fee paid upfront. Unlike the Executive Search, no fee is payable for the candidate shortlist, with the final installment only paid upon the successful appointment of a candidate. As with an Executive Search, candidates will predominantly come through headhunting, which results in finding the best talent available.

  • Contingency Recruitment

    With contingency recruitment services, a fee is agreed upon and paid only after the successful appointment of a candidate. We use our extensive network within the online sports betting and gambling industries to find the best talent. We also use an integrated advertising approach through industry-specific media, including websites and publications.

  • Fixed Fee Recruitment

    Fixed fee recruitment is ideal if you have a growing company and have an ongoing need for new employees. You simply pay a flat fee, and we send you qualified candidates. You pay a monthly recurring fixed fee, and we send you people for active roles as well as for departments interested in seeing talent. The fixed fee is a fraction of what it would cost if you hired each person on a contingency basis.

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